Are you wasting your life away in the pursuit of thinness?


Women despise their bodies in epidemic proportions.

Research indicates that women have 13 negative body thoughts daily—nearly one for every waking hour.

It’s become such an accepted norm to put yourself down that if someone says she likes her body, she’s the odd woman out. It’s actually more acceptable to insult your body than to praise it.

Wherever they are and whatever they’re doing, their body image plays on their mind and taints their enjoyment of everyday life.

Being attractive has been equated with being thin.

But women’s desire for body perfection is no longer just a weight issue – the majority of normal-size and under weight women who typically fit into societies narrow view of the “ideal body”, are still unhappy with their bodies. 

The problem is, we live in an age of perfection which leaves most women feeling imperfect.

Because of this, women are eating and moving their bodies based on how they view and feel about their bodies.

Dieting. Restriction. Deprivation. Control. Hunger.  

Over consumption. Bingeing. Overeating. Feeling out of control. 

Research indicates that the prevalence of unhealthy relationships with food, weight and extreme dieting are key precursors to eating disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating Disorder (BED).

Shaped by social conditioning and body image standards, these behaviours in women typically start in adolescence and are pervasive through adulthood.

A key part of eradicating negative body image and dieting is preventative education, strategy and tailored support.

Challenging the status quo and changing the limiting beliefs that women were put on earth to diet their bodies and lives away.

This is where Love Yourself Nutrition comes in.

Stop Punishing Start Nourishing Program

This program is a non-diet, weight neutral program that ends the physical and emotional exhaustion of dieting and disliking your body.

If you’re here, it’s most likely either because someone you love or you yourself are experiencing any of the following:

  • Feeling trapped in a vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting and overeating behind closed doors
  • Constantly riddled with the stress and anxiety of micro-managing every bite, every calorie
  • Placing your self-worth on the number on the scale and the size of your body
  • Allowing the inner critic to fuel poor body image, by keeping you focused on all your imperfections and supposed flaws   
  • Feeling wrecked with guilt and regret after eating, and frustrated that you have no self-control
  • Feeling so deeply dissatisfied with the way you look that you are afraid of putting yourself out there and it’s impacting your professional and personal opportunities

Read more below about how together we can overcome the struggles you’re experiencing with food, weight and body using strategies that nourish, not punish.

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